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Mechanics and Materials

At the Mechanics and Materials section, we strive to advance the realms of solid mechanics and material engineering through modern education and cutting-edge research. Through theoretical, numerical, and experimental investigations, we explore the mechanics and physics of materials and structures at multiple scales ranging from atomic and sub-micron scales of material microstructures to structural scale in a quest towards material sustainability and energy efficiency.

Our key research areas include:

  • Data-driven multiscale material modeling
  • Advanced materials and structures
  • Bio/nano-mechanics

Collaborate with us and tap into the latest research and technological knowledge. We emphasize on practical applications and innovation and offer a range of cooperation models from student projects and internships to R&D projects and commissioned research.

Research Areas

Below is a list of our key areas within research and development in Mechanics and Materials at Department of Mechanical & Production Engineering:

Contact Head of Section

Ramin Aghababaei

Sektionsleder for Mekanik og Materialer, lektor