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Mechatronics and Dynamics

The Mechatronics and Dynamics section is a collaborative, multidisciplinary hub, where scientists, students and experts converge on the mission to pioneer research and development in the realms of design, modeling, optimization, sensing, control, and system integration for intelligent mechatronic systems: from agile robots and wind turbines to drones, underwater vehicles, and medical devices.

Our key research areas include:

  • Automation and Control, encompassing arctic research related technology development: autonomous robots, bio-mimetic mechatronic systems, artificial muscles and soft actuators, E-skin, circularity assessment & simulation etc.
  • System Dynamics and Identification, encompassing flexible/rigid multibody dynamics, wind turbine and drivetrain modeling, vehicle dynamics, terramechanics, structural health monitoring etc.
  • Robotics and Control, encompassing design/modelling/control of robot systems, robotic rehabilitation, inspection, manufacturing and production, human-robot-environment interaction, robotic single-cell handling etc.

Collaborate with us and tap into the latest research and technological knowledge. We emphasize on practical applications and innovation and offer a range of cooperation models from student projects and internships to R&D projects and commissioned research.

Research Areas

Below is a list of our key areas within research and development in Mechatronics and Dynamics at Department of Mechanical & Production Engineering:

Contact Head of Section

Xuping Zhang

Sektionsleder for Mekatronik og Dynamik, lektor