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MPE Culture statements

  • We strive to make our department a welcoming place where people from a diverse range of backgrounds can grow and thrive – and where we all feel that we belong.
  • We have a strong management focus on fostering and growing talent, and we want to develop a dynamic university environment that attracts and retains the very best colleauges and allows our staff to excel at all stages of their career.
  • We value a healthy work culture that makes it possible to grow as a human being and as a researcher, teacher, student or member of administrative staff.
  • We believe in learning from each other, and we blur the traditional boundaries between disciplines as we seek to solve problems in close collaboration with industry.
  • We encourage high-risk, high-gain research as we embrace unconventional ideas. This is the clearest characteristic of our culture and it permeates our way of conducting both education and research.

We address the global challenges of climate, digital transformation and human health.

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