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Our values

The Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering is shaped by a passion to contribute to a sustainable future within climate, energy, digitalisation and human health. We want to use our excellence in science and our advancements in mechanical engineering to impact the world around us, and we want to empower the next generation of engineers with curiosity and wisdom to facilitate positive changes in society.

This we can only achieve if we have an attractive workplace that can both attract and retain the skilled and committed employees and students with a shared value base.

Our four values are: Collaboration, passion, curiosity and diversity.


Drawing strengths from MPE’s distinctive roots in Aarhus, we believe in learning by doing and learning from each other, and we blur the boundaries between scientific disciplines as we seek to solve problems in close collaboration with industry.


We want to maintain a culture where individual students, researchers and research groups can have a broad framework to experiment and pursue their own ideas, and an atmosphere of academic freedom and intellectual excitement.


We accept the risk of failing as we embrace unconventional ideas and new ways of applying technology. This permeates our way of conducting both research and education.

We strive for the highest standard of intellectual and creative excellence in our scientific activities, and we open the world of mechanical engineering to diverse young people in our engineering programmes. We want our students to graduate with technical excellence as well as a strong focus on creating impact that comes from systematic exposure in their curriculum to real problems.


We constantly strive to make our department a welcoming place with a healthy work culture, where talented people from a diverse range of backgrounds can grow and thrive and excel at all stages of their career or engineering programmes.