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Robotics involve the modelling, design, control, construction, operation and application of robots. Robotic research is interdisciplinary, and involves various fields.


  • Robotic single-cell manipulation for drug discovery, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI),  pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), etc.
  • Modelling, design and control of light-weight robot manipulators with high speed and high accuracy.


Our research focuses on robot manipulation and interaction at both micro-scale and macro-scale with applications for manufacturing and biological/medical industries.

Our research is focused on these six themes:

  • Robotic Single-Cell Handling
  • Design and Control Theory of Robots
  • Robotic Industrial Manufacturing and Production
  • Micro-Actuation
  • Robotic Rehabilitation
  • Robotic In-Pipe Inspection


Xuping Zhang

Head of section of Mechatronics and Dynamics, associate professo


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Group staff

> Dan Thomsen, PhD student

> Emil Madsen, PhD student

> Oliver Tierdad Filsoof, PhD student

> Farhad Farhadi, PhD student

> Zhengxue Zhou, PhD student

> Hao Feng, PhD student


> Robotics

> Control Theory