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Mechatronics and robots

Mechatronics and robots

In the perfect balance between mechanical and electrical engineering, mechatronics provides the necessary tools to create new, optimised products and solutions.

Focus on planned integration and development processes

At Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering, our work focuses on the planned integration of electronic components and cables in mechanical design. This is particularly necessary since Industry 4.0 has become the latest technological revolution, just as more and more products across industries are becoming smart. This increases the need for interdisciplinary collaboration.

It is crucial that systems and products work in practice. When we develop mechatronic solutions in study projects, or when we collaborate with companies on them, the entire process from design to testing in practice is therefore very important to us.

In order to offer solutions that integrate automated systems and smart functions, modern machines and equipment are becoming increasingly mechatronic.

This means that electrical and mechanical components are synergistically integrated into solutions, and it is important that the mechanics, electronics and software are included in product development from the outset. This will ensure the best final product.

In large industrial companies, mechatronics can help ensure that the entire production can be controlled by automated robots. For the individual consumer, it means that more and more products become "smart".

Advanced facilities ensure high success rates and stability

The Aarhus University School of Engineering provides state-of-the-art laboratory and workshop facilities to design, construct and test solutions. For example, this means that we can test solutions in customised environments and even simulate extreme conditions if necessary.

In general, the high success rates and stability of our systems are ensured by access to our extensive laboratories and workshops. Some of the most used are the XLAB (prototype production), the composite lab, the materials lab and the Engineering Holodeck (VR/AR). The other laboratories at the Aarhus University School of Engineering are naturally also available.

Project examples

Collaborations between companies and students from the Aarhus University School of Engineering have included projects on underwater robots, drones, autonomous boats, industrial robot tools, mobile service robots and other fields within automation and Industry 4.0.

See some examples in the videos below:

Contact persons:

Claus Melvad

Professor (Docent) Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering - Mechatronics and Dynamics

Focus areas for the specialist group:

  • Automation
  • Autonomous solutions
  • Drones
  • Industry 4.0
  • Industrial robot tools
  • Mechatronics
  • Mobile service robots
  • Measurement techniques and systems
  • Virtual Reality
  • Underwater robots
ASV boat sampling surface water
Cost-efficient Ocean Profiler
Boat for measuring underwater currents 1
Ice Drone for iceberg research
Underwater robot that 3D scans icebergs
Drone to map methane emissions from melting permafrost
Boat for measuring underwater currents 2
Underwater robot to map ice algea growth
Autonomous boat for sampling biofilm
Insect sorting using an industrial robot arm
Autonomous ocean profiler for the Arctic
Drone to drill samples from icebergs
Drone deployed ocean profiler