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Villum Young Investigator Grant (2023-2028)

Heat and bubble transport over complex solid surfaces (PI : Pourya Forooghi)

Innovation Fund DK: Grand Sloution (2023-2026)

Low-cost hydrogen production by high-performance alkaline water electrolysis (PI : Pourya Forooghi)

Independent Research Fund DK: Green Transition Grant (2022-2025)

Drag reduction strategies for upgrading energy efficiency in maritime and utility sectors (PI : Pourya Forooghi, co-PI: Mahdi Abkar)

EUDP Research Project (2023-2025)

Smart CO2 Heat Pumps (PI : Pourya Forooghi)

EUREKA/Innovation Fund DK: Eurostars Project (2022-2024)

Upscaling efficient hydrogen production (PI : Pourya Forooghi)

EUDP Research Project (2021-2023)

Small and medium size heat pumps with CO2 and mixture refrigerants (PI : Pourya Forooghi)