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Villum Fonden: Synergy Programme (2024-2026): "Data-driven model discovery for turbulent flows", (PIs: Mahdi Abkar and Alexandros Iosifidis). 

IFD: Industrial PhD (2024-2027): "Techno-economic analysis of applying vacuum degassing to heating systems: Toward sustainable systems with reduced energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions", (PI: Mahdi Abkar). 

IFD: Industrial Postdoc (2024-2026): "Modeling of hydrogen jet impingement on structures for P2X technologies", (PI: Mahdi Abkar). 

IFD: Industrial Postdoc (2024-2026): "Advanced design of ultrasonic flow meters through digitalization: Leveraging the power of computational fluid dynamics and artificial intelligence", (PI: Mahdi Abkar). 

DFF: Sapere Aude Research Leader (2022-2025): "Physics-constrained learning for turbulent flows", (PI: Mahdi Abkar). 

DFF: Green Transition (2022-2025): "Drag reduction strategies for upgrading energy efficiency in Danish utility and maritime sectors", (PIs: Mahdi Abkar and Pourya Forooghi). 

EUDP (2021-2025): "IEA Wind Task 44: Wind farm flow control", (Project Participant: Mahdi Abkar).

DFF: Green Transition (2021-2024): "Physics-informed deep learning for wind farm flow modeling", (PIs: Mahdi Abkar and Alexandros Iosifidis). 

DIGIT (2020-2023): "Machine learning-based modeling and prediction of turbulent flows", (PI: Mahdi Abkar). 

IFD: Industrial PhD (2020-2023): "Robust optimization of flow meters using computational fluid dynamics with quantified uncertainty", (PI: Mahdi Abkar).