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Renewable Energy and Thermodynamics


We focus on applied smart energy systems, climate change, large-scale integration of wind and solar energy to address the important questions of:

  • How all the energy needs of modern human society can be supplied sustainably?
  • How society can transition to a sustainable energy supply at continental, national and city scales? 

The research topics are:

  • Large-scale energy system analysis
  • Global Renewable Energy Atlas (REatlas)
  • District heating and city-scale smart energy systems
  • Energy conversion and storage technology development 

Student project ideas

  • You are always welcome to suggest your own project ideas!
  • In a recent research paper we investigated different cost optimal solutions for a future CO2 neutral energy supply for Aarhus (see arxiv.org/abs/1804.07557 ). Another method to quantify uncertainty in energy system models called modelling to generate alternatives (MGA) was introduced by DeCarolis (2011) (see https://doi.org/10.1016/j.eneco.2010.05.002 ). In this project, the idea is to apply MGA to the Aarhus model.
  • The district heating company in Aarhus (AVA) is currently exploring a new method to quantify the fluid flows in their piping network by sending short pulses of (slightly) warmer water through several kilometers of the system. In this project, you have the opportunity to design experiments based on this technique and use the city wide network as your laboratory.