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Cardiovascular Engineering and Bio-Fluids Applications


The focus of our research is to develop and test advanced computer models of bio-fluid dynamics, and in particular CARdiovascular ENGineering applications. The research in the CAReENG group includes:

  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD, FSI) of cardiovascular surgeries and systems;
  • Integrative and multi-scale modelling in bio-fluid dynamics;
  • Validation of computational models through in-vitro and imaging analyses.

Open positions and research projects:

Please contact me (mc@mpe.au.dk) if you are looking for a MSc/BSc project. Some example of computational and/or experimental projects are given below. You are very welcome to discuss other projects based on personal preferences!

Cardiovascular projects

  • Computational fluid dynamics of coronary arteries: from clinical images to predictive simulations
  • Optimizing the therapeutics for microvasculature disease: when hemodynamics meets molecular mechanics
  • Surgical treatments of heart valve insufficiency: computational optimization through in-vitro and clinical data

Other projects

  • Multiphase modeling of mucociliary clearance mechanism in respiratory diseases
  • Experimental analysis of hydrogel erosion

Monika Colombo

Tenure Track assistant professor