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Monika Colombo

Tenure Track assistant professor Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering - Fluids and Energy

Current BSc, MSc and visiting PhD students

  • Mikkel Fogelberg Handberg & Søren Hanefeld Bækdal Clausen, ”Computational optimization of heat transfer systems”, BSc thesis
  • Kavin Vishnu, ”Computational investigation of the mucociliary clearance”, R&D
  • Luca Bontempi, "Aortic annuloplasty: a fluid-structure interaction computational model", MSc thesis
  • Marta Zattoni, "Modeling aortic annuloplasty of porcine aortic roots", MSc thesis
  • Edoardo Rossi, "Integrative modeling of TAVI procedure", MSc thesis

Alumni: Former BSc, MSc, PhD students, postdocs, and visiting scholars

  • Akos Banfalvi (MSc), "Digital twin analysis of aortic root flow disturbances following transcatheter implantation and 4D MRI", 2023
  • Anna Ramella (visiting PhD), "Validation of a fluid-structure interaction model of thoracic stent-graft implantation with 4D MRI", 2023