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What it is

Collaborative fabrication space where researchers in the AU Engineering can create cutting-edge prototypes and science based tech. The goal of the Makerspace supports three fundamental missions:

  • Innovation: Engineering innovative technologies and prototypes that can address societal challenges in Denmark and the world.
  • Impact: Generating real-world impact through engagement with Danish industry and other educational institutions.
  • Inspiration: Cultivating a hands-on learning environment that inspires the future generation to thrive in their engineering careers.

The Makerspace will serve as a creative hub where theoretical engineering expertise is supplemented hands-on learning, experimentation, and prototyping.

What we do

We will bring together a wide variety of fabrication equipment at the AU Deep Tech Experimental Hub - MAKERSPACE, Skejby. This will include:

  • Metal working: Metal lathe, Vertical milling machine, Drill press, Band saw, Welding station, Bench grinding & polishing
  • Plastic, wood, and foam work: CNC Shopbot, PocketCNC, Power tools
  • Electronics Fabrication: Soldering stations, Oscilloscopes, PCB printer
  • Rapid prototyping: CO2 laser cutter, SLA printer, FDM printer, 3D Scanner

These equipment at the Makerspace will help faculty members like PhDs and Master’s students rapidly prototype and experiment ideas which is vital for boosting research output in the Department of Engineering. Consequently, the Makerspace will rapidly grow through funding secured by external partners and departments in Aarhus University.  

The Makerspace will also serve as a workshop space where engineering students and department members can engage with industry and society. It will help with the creation of programs and activities such as:

  • Maker’s challenges, where companies challenge students to prototype new products and technologies.
  • STEM-focused outreach activities, with students from local high schools wherein they can build technology focused toys and products in collaboration with engineering students and faculty.
  • Maker’s certification program, where BSc. and MSc. Students in the department are offered courses that certify them for using both conventional and digital fabrication tools.


Peter Harling Lykke

Head of Workshops and laboratories Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering - Workshop, MPE