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The practical aspects

There are different conditions for engineering internships, and these must be complied with. Read more under "Terms and conditions for engineering internships".

Application for an internship

Your company will receive an application from one or more students about an internship. If the application is accepted, an overall plan for the internship will be drawn up in collaboration between the company, the internship supervisor and the student to ensure a satisfactory process for all parties.

Contact with the department

Your company will be able to contact the department's internship supervisor throughout the entire process. The internship supervisor will support the student and visit your company during the internship. At the end of the internship period, the student will prepare a report which is assessed as pass/non-pass.


An internship typically lasts five months. Either from 1 August to 31 December or from 1 February to 30 June. The internship period is on the fifth semester after two years of study and a four-week intensive workshop period.


The intern and the individual company negotiate an appropriate salary and sign a contract. The Danish Society of Engineers (IDA) can indicate a recommended rate for Bachelors of Engineering.

The intern is not entitled to holiday during the period, but earns holiday pay according to the standard rules. The internship site will also have to insure the intern.