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Recruitment of graduates

You can find new employees through targeted job postings, but you can also take a shortcut through business projects, engineering internships or student jobs.

Graduates from the Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering are popular employees, who can contribute new knowledge and new methods within a specific business’ specialist field. There is great demand for Bachelor of Engineering and MSc in Engineering graduates with the right competences.

If you want to recruit a newly graduated engineer for a specific job, the best you can do is to post an advertisement in the AU Job and Project Bank. Our graduates are always on the database, and experience shows that this often leads to a successful recruitment process.

There are also good opportunities to contact prospective engineers earlier in the process through project collaboration and engineer internships, thereby helping to provide students with the right competences.

The engineers of the future

Are you looking for one or more engineering students who want to get involved in one of your development projects, or do you have a student job for an engineering student? There are many opportunities to meet and recruit engineering students and new graduates.