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"Autonomous drone technology is an area in rapid development. There are many positive aspects of using this technology in offshore industries where the cost of manual labour is very high,” says Associate Professor Erdal Kayacan, Aarhus University, who is one of those working to develop new intelligent technologies for the maritime sector. Photo: Istock

Drone technology gaining ground in the maritime sector

2021.01.12 | AU Engineering

The potential of autonomous solutions for offshore operations in the maritime sector is huge. The Danish drone company Upteko is collaborating with researchers from Aarhus University to develop next-generation drone technologies and artificial intelligence for everything from rescue operations to 3D scans and inspections of entire ships.

"Super optimized wind farms will be a major step towards the green transition," says Associate Professor Mahdi Abkar, an expert in fluid dynamics and turbulence at the Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering, Aarhus University.

New smart flow models could have a major impact on wind energy projects

2021.01.07 | AU Engineering

Researchers from Aarhus University aim to enable the use of data-driven deep learning models for wind farm flow simulations, optimization and control, making them more energy-efficient. The project has received a grant from the Independent Research Fund Denmark.

Aarhus University is opening four new engineering departments as part of an ambitious plan to create one of the world's leading educational and research environments within the technical sciences. (Photo: Lars Kruse)

Four new engineering departments for Denmark

2021.01.04 | AU Engineering

At the turn of the year, Aarhus University has implemented an organisational change to open four new departments. This is part of work to enhance research and educational activities within engineering science.


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