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Immersive Virtual Reality

Immersive Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) deals with computer-generated models of reality. With the help of VR headsets and other equipment, we can interact with a virtual model and thus troubleshoot and test before we build products in the real world.

In the area of engineering, VR offers new opportunities for agile product development. VR makes its possible, from the earliest drawings by the engineer, to move around and interact, for example with a 3D-model of a production facility created in CAD (Computer Aided Design). In this way, it is possible to carry out a thorough review of the product, so that one can improve or further develop the product before sending to the next phase.

The possibilities of VR mean that the costs of testing, troubleshooting, reworking, training and design can be minimised throughout the product's life cycle.

Projects that test VR technologies and software

At Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering, students and employees collaborate with companies on study and development projects.

It is possible to test technologies and software, and companies are welcome to offer suggestions for collaboration themselves. The collaboration can be based on issues in the company or requirements for the development of a specific product.

At the Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering, we also participate in projects that create 3D scans or 360° videos/images, and we have the CAD VR Viewer program and other interactive VR equipment at our disposal.

UK CAD VR Viewer

It is very expensive when complicated faults or practical irregularities on mechanical constructions are not discovered until the prototype phase, or when the product is finished.

This can be avoided by using VR. CAD VR Viewer allows all stakeholders to participate in the development of products in an agile development process with focus on maximum end-user involvement.

Interactive VR

At Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering, your CAD model can become interactive, so that you can test the functionality of the product during installation, production and maintenance. You can also train end users before delivery of the product.

For example, the Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering uses Maskinpark VR, which is a gamified educational environment in a virtual world. This is where we process metal, plastic and other materials on, among other things, a lathe, cutter and welding machine.

Furthermore, we have many hardware and add-on products for VR experiences, as well as in-house developed solutions for haptic feedback and 2D treadmills.

Possibilities with CAD VR Viewer
Project collaboration on interactive VR
Possibilities with Craftio VR


Claus Melvad

Professor (Docent) Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering - Mechatronics and Dynamics