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Halid Can Yildirim


Ph.D., Associate Professor

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Halid Can Yildirim

Areas of expertise

  • Material Characterisation
  • Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics
  • Physics based data science
  • Small and large scale testing
  • Machine Learning

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I study the characterisation of advanced materials to ensure research-based results for safe, smart, sustainable, and durable engineering design.
The main frame of my research incorporates the mechanics of materials to develop innovative methodologies for using metals in infrastructure. That is physical infrastructure involving bridges, buildings, offshores, and all sorts of other metal infrastructure in which we live and work.
I tackle this problem by using what is called a multi-scale approach. That is starting from the material level. There are levels within the material treatment as well, that is from the nano level to the macro in which I come up with innovations and materials that have better properties under severe environments and that have durability characteristics. Simultaneously, I address energy conservation and savings, recognizing their significance in material manufacturing and throughout a material's lifecycle. I find the combination of experimental research and modelling of structural materials ranging from small-scale (material level) to full-scale (complete structures) as the common approach

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