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Projects by Fluids and Energy

Are you looking for projects that the Section of Fluids and Energy is currently working on? On this page you can find all projects by the Section of Fluids and Energy - Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering, Aarhus University.

Ambit Stochastics

  • Modelling of stylised statistical features of two-dimensional turbulence in the spirit of Kraichnan-Leith-Bachelor using Ambit fields
  • Modelling inhomogeneity and anisotropy by non-homogeneous Levy bases

Energy Technique

[Section under development]

Flow Physics & Turbulence

Please contact me (abkar@mpe.au.dk) if you are looking for a MS project. Some example projects are given below. Other projects, based on personal preferences can be discussed in person. 

  • Project: Wind-farm modeling and control using physics-based and data-driven methods.
  • Project: Turbulence modeling via deep learning.
  • Project: CFD and data-driven modeling of fluid flow with application to Digital Twins.
  • Project: Shape and topology optimization using CFD.
  • Project: CFD simulations of cardiovascular systems.
  • Project: Uncertainty quantification in CFD simulations of turbulent flows.
  • Project: CFD simulations of wind flow in complex terrain and over sea surfaces.

Heat & Fluid Flow

[Section under development]

Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Project title: RE-Invest – Renewable Energy Investments Strategies – A two-dimensional interconnectivity approach

Duration: 2017 – 2022

Granted by: Innovation Fund Denmark

Sustainable Energy Systems

  • RE-invest (http://www.reinvestproject.eu/)
  • The READY project (http://www.smartcity-ready.eu/).
  • AUFF starting grant - "The impact of climate change on highly renewable energy systems".